Plan Your Brand

Yes! Our very first post. We are excited to start this journey with you together. We are launching our consulting firm starting January 2016. We will be a community of entrepreneurs, community leaders, and people who want take time to cultivate a better vision for the world around them.

Take time with us to refine your brand, study the trends of authentic leadership, and plan towards the sincerest (and therefore easiest) vision of your entrepreneurial enterprise. If you’re here you probably wondered why plan a brand? How do I grow a brand overtime? How can my non-profit build a brand with limited volunteers? What apps can I use to make brand building easier?

These are brilliant questions and together we will explore and grow together. The first we’ll address is why you should start planning your brand now.

woman thinking about building her brand to show off her rock star being

Why You Should Start Planning Your Brand Now

Your Authentic Anchor 

A brand is the mark you leave in the world that other’s can easily identify as your own. Developing that mark well means knowing who you are and the value you bring to the world. You have to understand everything about your self internally and how you communicate to your external audience. Then you must consistently keep up the conversation and develop it over time. That is why developing a vision statement, values statement, and unique proposition is key to adding on to a successful brand.

Your Consistent Communication

Consistency is key with brand development. A famous example of a change in consistency is Coca-Cola™ when they attempted to change their formula, they learned quickly that their core customers were unsatisfied, so they went to their well established recipe. Ways to build consistency comes from honing in on your unique colors, fonts, website design, practices, and procedures that your community can trust.

Your Change Companion 

Success is aligning your principles with constant change. Your brand is a user-friendly package of your principles and in the tumultuous world of entrepreneurship your principles will be one transferable value that you can take on all your endeavors. Knowing your personal or professional brand will be key to maintaining identity in a crowded space.

Building a brand boils down to building your core! Which is why it goes hand-in-hand with leadership. When your enterprise becomes a brand people trust to turn to it for whatever value it brings. That is what authentic leaders do. They build trust, inspire vision, and deliver reliable value. Maybe it is just us, but we get super excited about leadership!

So who are we?