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From chaos to confidence, we’ll bring out your authentic success;

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Our plan package includes a ton of e-resources, a one-hour consultation, and a custom plan to use to build your brand online using your website and social media options. Walk away with actionable steps to take to grow online.


Our brand package includes everything in our plan package, including a completely customized brand package, perfect fonts, colors, moods, message crafting, and a social media schedule to follow for the entire year.


Need more time and training to get your online web presence on point. Contract our digital marketing team, to build and develop your living strategy over time. We run your social media channels, creating custom content and other marketing tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from you?

We provide strategic tools and support to help you grow your business using digital platforms. Our main mission is to provide you services while building a prosperous community around us.

What are services you provide?

We are a boutique collective so mainly we offer consultation and referral services. Specifically we can provide you with a customized digital marketing plan, and support services if needed. If your needs extend beyond social media and digital marketing we can provide extended services with our vetted team of associates.

Extended services could include:

Web design
Logo design
Traditional/Print Ads
Graphic Designs

and other marketing tools.

What is Cultivated Sisters?

Our company is a social enterprise, meaning our purpose is to make a change first. At the heart of our company, we want to enable women to make the move into business ownership. We offer classes and experiences that uplift, educate, and equip women for success.

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